@GeorgetheDuck's #CatmasEve 2020

— Thursday, December 24, 2020 at 3PM —


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I'm a stuffed catnip duck. I own cats of House of the Mostly Black Cats. Sanjee is my angel cat. Typist is a crystal fanatic and artist at her website below.


i thot der wuz burds heer. キティボーイ #NIPCLUB #PAWgaritaville #WLF #MiniBreeze #TobyB #BBOT #weeti #ZSHQ #OwensBlackPaw #ChiliPawty ~FIGHT FRAUD https://t.co/5MNa


I am a Catahoula Leopard Dog. I like Dog Park. Sometimes I drop into snow banks and cover myself in snow! I loved Marta the cat. Marta OTRB 3/13/13


I is a lady cat angel. I is Kween of House of the Mostly Black Cats. Georgey is my duk. Miles Meezer is my furefur boyfriendcat. Tweeting from OTRB clouds now.